What does it take to pass the CPA board examination?

The Philippine CPA passing rate had never been more or less higher that 50%. What I’m trying to say is that almost all of the time, half of the people in a 24-seater examination room will not make it through. I have always wondered why that’s the case when almost everyone enrols in a review center, they study materials with the same level of difficulty, they all have access to varying resources and we all have the same 24-hour clock.

Passing Factors: The 40-10-10-40 Rule

  1. Undergraduate Training 40%: Its reality. If you just goofed around college or you did not put enough effort to be above average, you’re going to have a tough time during the review. If you are still an undergraduate, it’s not too late to turn things around. If you are now reviewing or in about to start the review weeks from now, you can still manage this. Since you have passed the BSA, it means you are intelligent enough to take the board exam. However, intelligent enough is not the passing criteria. You need to double on your attitude (40%) to pull it through (discussed below). Identify your strong and weak subjects. Prioritize the weak and gain confidence over them. It is recommended no one subject is left behind. You can have an average of 90 on all except a 60 on the other.
  2. Review School 10%: Get to know the review school of your choice. CPAR, ReSA, CRC-ACE, and PRTC have different styles and strengths to offer. Choose one that suits you best. I’ve been to CPAR so I do not have enough credibility to review the others. Maybe one day we can have a review school assessment entry.
  3. Review Environment 10%
  4. Overall Attitude 40%

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